Reiki offers an energy shift to free what pains you most

We are open vessels to channel abundant healing energy from the universe directly into our bodies which hold emotions.

Reiki is an ancient channeling practice that opens portals in the palms of the hand for those who seek the indoctrination ritual. Those attuned with Reiki can help others by placing their hands over another, who lays in a calm state. The practitioner funnels the energy intended for healing into the body for emotional release and movement.

What does Reiki do?

Reiki moves emotional energy that people store in the body for release, and can help one fill with the healing light. It creates an energy shift that has known to ease pain, relieve illnesses, and unblock the breath.


It's passive, but powerful. It feels so natural that you might not even be sure if it's working, but after the complete session- you know a difference has been made. There is a lightness, a freedom from your mind that returns gratitude, acceptance, and great self-love.

What is a session like?

Because Reiki is all about energy, time and space are irrelevant. I can administer reiki energy to your body across oceans. We can set up an appointment for a skype call, and administer our session remotely.


Or you can request a house call, I service the New York City region. Click on the button to book an appointment, and choose the option that best suites you.

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