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Unlimited amount of 15 minute sessions regarding any question pertaining to your life.


Minimum 5 days between sessions; consulting regularly on the same issue can weaken the power of the answer.


We can inquire some information surrounding:

  • Your energy
  • How others see you
  • Where you're coming from or where you're going with it
  • What will be the outcome with this energy.


When the sessions are spaced out, they allow energy to change, answers to be digested, and new insights on the question to be gathered.


The whole picture that's created can illustrate an understanding of the energy, and can help enable you to make a better decision about your situation that is a reflection of what your energy has brought to you.

What is a session like?

Prepare a question or topic pertaining to your life. We will engage in a phone call, or skype if you're located outside the U.S.

I will draw cards in a manner relevant to suit the best way to answer your questions.

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